What are Progressive Websites & Web Apps?

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A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a cross between application and mobile websites. It uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to mobile users to meet their fast surfing requirements by deployment to servers, access through URLs and index by search Engines to get better rankings. That’s why developers believe that PWAs are the future of Mobility strategy.

In simple words, PWAs are regular web pages but look like an application that enhances user experience.

Features of Progressive Web App's

1. Progressive

Built with Progressive enhancements PWA's Works on every browser, for every user, every time on every phone.

2. Responsive

Fit to every screen mobile or fixed, desktop, mobile, tablet or phablet.

3. Connectivity

Service Workers of PWA's can work offline or in low quality internet connections.

4. App-like

With mobile friendly websites, Service Workers convert a browser look of the app into a more mobile app like design.

5. Discoverable

Service Workers make PWA's easily discoverable by search engines because of the page load speed and user friendly responsive design.

6. Secure

As Service Workers only work over HTTPS, this means that security and privacy of users and data is a definite in PWA's.

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